Gain clarity about the state of your IT security.

Lack of confidence in the security of your systems limits your ability to innovate and to take advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation. To get the confidence you need, chose us as your partner for proactive IT security management.

What about your IT security?

Year by year the number of cyber attacks on small and medium-sized companies increases. The methods used by cyber criminals are becoming increasingly aggressive and sophisticated. At the same time, the use of cloud technologies has significantly increased the attack surface. Most companies are inadequately prepared for the IT security challenges of the future.

Cloud Cape IT Security determines your individual risk potential and shows you actionable measures that will sustainably increase your IT security.

Penetration Testing

With detailed security audits we uncover weak system design, configuration errors and vulnerabilities. The result of your penetration test is a clear overview of your security level. This provides you with information about the potential dangers you are currently exposed to. The final report contains a detailed explanation for each vulnerability found as well as instructions on how to remedy any vulnerabilities found.

Managed Vulnerability Scans

In a dynamic IT landscape, new vulnerabilities are constantly emerging. To keep up with the latest cyber threats, vulnerability scanning must be a continuous process. With our Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service, experienced IT security professionals with leading tools are at your side, constantly keeping a watchful eye on your network. So your team can focus on its core tasks.