An agile and secure IT with our IT-as-a-Service bundle

If you are looking to upgrade your IT infrastructure without tying up a lot of capital, then our IT-as-a-Service offer is just right for you. Get started with our modern, fully managed cloud services.

Moderner Arbeitsplatz (IT-as-a-Service)

IT-as-a-Service bundle for SMEs


Office applications from the cloud

Your business software is delivered from the cloud so that your workforce can work productively anytime, anywhere and on any device

  • Licenses according to your requirements
  • Modern e-mail and file-sharing solution
  • Team collaboration with chats and video conferences
  • Web and mobile versions of your office applications
  • Security and compliance (MFA, DLP etc.)


Managed Virtual Desktops

Give your teams access to all office and industry software through remotely managed virtual desktops in the cloud

  • Secure access to company resources without an inconvenient VPN
  • Your company data never leaves the secure cloud environment
  • Compatible with all your end user devices
  • Daily backups of your virtual desktop make you immune against hardware failure and loss
  • Use of cheap thin clients instead of more expensive PCs becomes possible



Never worry about server hardware on site again. We move your business applications and systems to the state-of-the-art cloud data center.

  • Secure connection between your local area network (LAN) and virtual network in the cloud
  • High security and availability
  • The server performance adapts to your needs
  • An on-site disaster recovery system is no longer necessary

Managed Services (Security, Monitoring and Support)

Your advantages using IT-as-a-Service

The all-round carefree IT solution for modern IT - without any expensive hardware purchases

Predictable costs

Instead of high upfront investments, you have predictable monthly IT costs that fit into your budget.

Better control over your data

Your enterprise data stays in your secure cloud environment, where you have the best control and visibility.

Less hardware

You need less hardware and save yourself recurring purchases and administrative work.

Increase productivity

Your users can work and communicate regardless of location and device.


Your IT-as-a-Service solution grows seamlessly with your requirements.

Robust and resilient

your applications and systems are highly available.

Focus on core activities

You can use your manpower and time resources for your most important tasks.

Overcome shadow IT

With your complete end-to-end solutions you have visibility and can contain shadow IT.

Support and assistance

We take responsibility for a smooth operation and respond rapidly to your support requests.


Your way to the cloud

Leave nothing to chance in your cloud migration and rely on the cloud experts at Cloud Cape. In six steps we will take you to your destination:

IT-as-a-Service sequence




Do you have questions about our IT-as-a-Service offer?

Of course. Our service desk (2nd level support) takes care of incidents and service requests. If no virtual desktops are deployed, the remote maintenance solution TeamViewer is used.

With our IT-as-a-Service offer comes a robust data protection concept that is tailored to your needs. We automatically back up your data inventory in individual data backup frequencies, so that your data is replicated on different storage media and locations. We will of course perform regular restore tests of your back-ups.

A transparent pricing structure and simple contracts with short and flexible terms are important to us. Once the planning and implementation of your IT-as-a-service solution is complete, you pay for your cloud services on a pay-per-use basis. We charge a fair flat rate for operation and support (managed services) by Cloud Cape.

We appreciate the proximity to our customers in Heilbronn and the region, but we offer our IT-as-a-service bundle independent of location. The great advantage of cloud solutions is that they can be managed remotely via the Internet.

We attach great importance to the fact that all cloud offers are GDPR compliant. We have the necessary expertise to make sure this is the case.

The use of cloud services from our IT-as-a-Service bundle is subject to a number of prerequisites, including Internet access with a sufficiently high data transfer rate. Of course, we will support you in creating the prerequisites and make you “cloud-ready”.